Our podcast mainly focuses on our discussion program, we strive to provide insights with our fellow colleagues about our experiences with Gender Inequality. We hope that the conversational style of our podcast inspires you to have conversations on these issues with your friends and loved ones. 

Sweatshop Labor

There’s a major underlying problem plaguing the Asian labor force, sweatshops. Major brands target and utilize this vulnerability in order to cut costs on their manufacturing, but often they forget what the conditions like in those air-tight factories. Women and children often have to face enduring working hours in the hot, grueling environment. Not to mention the lack of safety and health care available to them. And on top of that, their hourly rates are barely enough to support their daily needs. In this podcast, our host, Ally will be exploring some of the personal stories as well as statistics that had recently made its presence in the media with her group. 

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment and violence have always been a part of a major point of concern regarding gender inequality. Women in all parts of the world face discrimination as well as abuse from society every day. Ranging from minor sexual harassment in the public to domestic violence in the household. This podcast will be heavily involved with the discussion of statistics as well as the personal experiences of individuals found online. We wish to provide you the most in-depth and detailed insights on this topic.

Cat, Luomei, James, Kenny


The existence of wage gaps is a hotly debated topic, some believe that it is an aspect rooting from gender inequality, whilst some think it is very dependant upon our gender identity as well as our character. We have again invited one of our important guests back into the story; Kenny Ngo. In this episode, we will be sharing our individual findings of instances of the wage gap phenomenon; ranging from personal accounts to news stories, as well as our own individual thoughts and opinions on this matter.


Hosted by Brian Chen from the Chang-E Project, we hope to introduce you, our audience, to the topic of female education in today’s podcast, and to outline the many failures and successes domestically and internationally. We will be telling the story of Muzoon Almellehan from Syria and Naseem Parveem from Jordan, two prominent female figures who had experienced inequality in education first hand, and continue sharing personal stories about the value of education in an Asian family and the differences between the old and young generations.


Son preference is a common phenomenon existing in some Asian Families. Although modern-day statistics have already disproved such beliefs, traditions and taboos may still exist between families those situated in rural areas of Asia. It is the reason of a skewed population ratio between males and females, it is the driving force of unequal education, and it has been exacerbated throughout the years. Therefore, it is our duty to spread such awareness to everyone. In our first ever episode of the Chang-E Project, we invited one of our fellow colleagues -- Kenny to share his personal experiences and views upon this topic.

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