An Introduction For Young Students On Their Way To Becoming Life-Long Feminist

Luomei Lyu is the author of YES, I AM A FEMINIST. Her interest in feminist activism and Women & Gender Studies started years ago.


The lack of exposure to gender issues in Asian/ American community propelled her to wrote the book. She strives to shape a future where everyone is equal by increasing awareness amongst youth worldwide.

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Many people believe in gender equality, but so a few identify themselves as feminists. The word feminist has been demonized. Rather than its actual definition of "equal rights," many think it means hegemony and man-hating.


Feminist is not a women-only identity. You can be a girl, boy, women, men, nonbinary, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, American, Chinese, Korean, Australia, German, children, teenagers, young adults, elderly......And a feminist!

The The book covers topics including:

  • true definition of feminism

  • basic feminist ideas

  • types of feminism

  • sex and gender

  • intersex and transgender

  • intersectional feminism

  • black, Latino, and Asian Feminism

  • transgender's rights

  • gender-based issues 


Hard copies can be purchased on Amazon. If you would like to learn more about feminism or want a free PDF version of this book, please feel free to contact Luomei through email ( or Instagram (@luomei_lyu)

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