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Geneva Laurain


I am a senior at Calvary Chapel Christian School. I've wanted to be a part of a non profit organization like the Chang’E Project in order to spread awareness in my school and community about the gender inequality issues in East Asia.


Noah Park


I’ve always noticed the presence of stereotypes and inequality deeply rooted in our society. Searching for an effective way to address such issues, I figured that the Chang’e project, featuring members from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds, will be a great way to uncover and resolve the inequalities we may face in today’s society. 

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Lily Liu


Although I am receiving American-style education, I still have to respect my parents’ traditional Chinese values, and sometimes those values can be discriminatory or “out-dated”. My intention of joining this organization is really simple: make people’s lives easier. It’s already difficult enough to live in the world, so I don’t think people should add racial, cultural, and sexual discriminations to make other’s lives harder.

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Siya Patel


Over time I have learned to accept the good and bad sides of India. However, certain thoughts are conflicting like the inequalities between men and women. However, having a positive perspective helps you view the better side of society. There will always be inequality in any part of the world but it depends on our morals to bring change for betterment.

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Hanna Trinh


As an Asian girl who has experienced both the western and Asian culture, I have witnessed first hand the stereotype and inequality pushed upon women at a young age. In joining the Chang’e Project, I hope to spread awareness both to myself and others about the constant pressure and disadvantages girls are faced with almost everyday.


Jay Yen


When people are talking about the racial discrimination issues, they forget another non-negligible topic, which is gender equality. Being a part of this Chang’E Project, I want to raise the public awareness of gender inequality. Reminding people many different kinds of gender inequality problems are happening all around the world, and hoping more and more people could pay attention to this topic.

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James Yeh


One key aspect I noticed between these East Asian Countries and The United States is that there are far more Gender Inequality cases In East Asia. This is why I decided to join the Chang’E Organisation, we must spread awareness upon this existing issue in order to minimize it.


Collins Acheampong

Cape Coast, Ghana

As a student athlete , I notice a lot of inequalities both at school and on the playing field. There had to be something done to educate people and my way of doing that is joining Chang’E project to make a difference.


Jeongwon (Jayden) Roh


Introduce your team! Click here to add images, text and links, or connect data from your collectionGrowing up, I always wondered why certain jobs are held by certain genders, such as the majority of politicians being male and the majority of nurses being female. Being a young child, I just thought that this is how society works. However, as I grew up, I recognized the aforementioned social phenomenon as a major social issue: lack of gender equality among many women.


Roman Lysenko


Our modern society has a lot of issues that exist through the generations, such as gender inequality, racism and son preference. People know about those problems and either try to ignore it or can’t find a solution to the problem. I think that the Chang’e project and it’s team are the one who can help us to find the roots and solution to those problems.


Jack Lue


It's great to be a part of a non-profit organization like Chang'e Project and i'm excited to see what we can do. I've always known about the inequalities that have happened with gender inequality around the world (especially in education), and I've always wanted to get involved and see what I can do and help.

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Matt Phan


As an individual who was raised in a developing country, I have long been exposed to minor aspects of human lives that are rarely seen in developed countries especially like the United States. Unequal traditions between genders that exist through generations should be aware and ceased in order to form a fair environment for everyone.

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