Breaking Down Gender-based Stigmas and Discrimination Through Education

Mission Statement


The Chang-E Project promotes breaking down gender-based stigmas and discrimination through providing robust educational resources, engaging in cross-cultural dialogues, and empowering the voices of Asian and American youth to fight these restrictive stereotypes. 

The Chang-E Project is a student-run non-profit organization that welcomes people from different backgrounds who desire to empathize, educate, and evolve on gender equality. 

Our Team

The Chang-E Project was started by Luomei Lyu – an Asian/American student from Zhejiang, China, living and attending school in Southern California. Inspired to dive deeper into thoughtful dialogues about gender expectations, rights, and access, especially after growing up in China, where there are clear divides in these areas between men and women, Luomei started The Chang’E Project to promote greater equality. 


Chang'e Project is a youth-run organization composed of many students from different nationalities, religions, races, and genders, each of whom brings a different perspective and unique cultural background, including—but not limited to—America, China, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Hong Kong, and India.


Luomei, as an artist, reveals the normalized and problematic gender-based stigma and discrimination by posting gender issues related comics on Instagram.


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“Without Limits”

– Cross-Cultural Dialogues

A central focus for the Chang-E Project is engaging in cross-cultural discussions. Engaging teens all over the world through social media, Zoom meetings, and more, our “Without Limits” discussions allow our members to share their personal stories about inequalities they’ve faced and work they’re doing to dismantle gender-based stereotypes and discrimination.


Learning from those in the community doing instrumental work in breaking down gender-based discrimination is vital to our understanding the fight towards equality. To better educate ourselves, we bring in leaders to interview, including professors, professionals, activists, Asian/American business executives, and CEOs. We also look into the role of mothers and daughters in Asian/American families.

Chang-E Project Arts Competition

This competition offers students an opportunity to showcase their work about feminism and activism.


Speaker-Panel Events

This is another great way for us to learn from thought leaders and gender activists. Because of COVID-19, our speaker-panel events will be run through Zoom meetings. This is a great way for young people to understand how to build gender-based activism into their daily practice.


Latest Student Stories

We encourage all students who are a part of The Chang-E Project to share stories and commentaries about gender-based restrictive stereotypes, difficulties, and experiences that demonstrate the need for greater equality. Read some of the latest blog articles from our members.

Educational Resources

Video of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Contact Us

If you any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.